The Dawson Household: Part 1

William Dawson and Frances (Rouse) had more members in their household than just their family. As I suggested in my previous post I think there was quite possibly an older daughter named Mary in addition to their three sons: Joseph (b. about 1750), William (b. 1758) and then Jonathan (b. about 1761). In addition to any guests who frequented their tavern they also had one or more bonded children and at least four slaves.

I have little information on their slaves but I do have the names of the four listed in the inventory taken of William’s estate in 1761. The image here is a clipping from a copy of his estate record presented to the Cumberland County Court by Frances (Rouse) Dawson during the August session of 1761. The record lists their names as follows:

A negro man named Jeffrey

A negro woman named Lottey (perhaps Charlotte?)

A mulatto boy named Duncan

A mulatto girl named Poll (perhaps Polly?)

There are no ages listed and I can only assume they remained with the family after Frances remarried to Jefferson Williams. In all likelihood they may have traveled with the Dawson-Williams family to South Carolina in the late 1760’s. Unfortunately this is all I know about them and if anyone knows more please post a reply below.


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